The New Face of Gray - Entire FILM 2018 - Lektor PL

direction James Foley

scenario Niall Leonard

type Melodrama

production USA

Christian and Ana lead a life full of prosperity and love. Their peace is disturbed by her ex-boss, who wants to take revenge on her

The third part of the screening of the world bestseller - trilogy by EL James. Happy Christian and Ana lead a prosperous, loving life. Everyday life did not kill their passions. But black clouds are looming over their relationship. Ana's former boss, Jack Hyde, who has sworn revenge, waits for a time to do so.

A chance meeting gave rise to a wave of passion that did not diminish over time. The common everyday life turned out to be a real challenge, which Anastasia and Chrstian bravely face in the name of their mutual feelings.

Lovers are still drifting in the stormy sea of feelings, torn by passion and dilemmas, unsure of what their fate will bring them

Will this year's most touching love story have a happy ending? Or maybe a beautiful dream will interrupt Ana's former boss, Jack Hyde, who has sworn revenge and is patiently waiting for his chance?

What do you think?


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