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Continuation of the film "Prometheus"From 2012, part of the series of prequels to the saga" Aliens "

The legendary director Ridley Scott, creator of Blade Runner and Martian, returns to the world he created in the film "Alien - 8 Passenger Nostromo", one of the classics of science fiction cinema.

Shortly after its activation, David talking to Peter Weyland in a lakeside apartment. Android is reluctant to serve humans, even though it is immortal and humans are not. Years later, the ship USCSS Alliance carrying 2,000 hibernating colonists, is on its way to the planet Origae − 6. At one point, the ship was hit by a wave causing a crash on board. The crew wakes up quickly, but unfortunately it was not without losses. Death suffered me. crew captain and husband at the same time Daniels - Jake Branson who did not wake up in time and burned in the capsule. 47 colonists were also killed.

Prometheus disappointed less in almost every aspect, but still full of unjustified faith in the director, I went to the film Alien: Alliance to the Cinema. I wasn't getting my hopes up, and Ridley Scott surprised me anyway: the last Alien movie turned out to be even worse than I expected.

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