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Stanley Kubrick was a genius - everyone who touched his work even a little bit knows. There was no weak film in his artistic output, only more or less good films, depending on the subjective opinions of people and the critics themselves. Almost every picture by this great artist was a great event in the history of cinema. Every title is eagerly awaited. Now that Kubrick is dead, unfortunately, we know that it was worth the wait ...
Eyes Wide Shut is perhaps one of his least appreciated films.

Stanley Kubrick can be compared to Dostoevsky. Like a genius writer, he makes a profound psychological analysis, in this case, of the heroes of his film. It drills into their psyche like a worm, and the results of this expedition are transferred to the human mind on the screen. Of course, it doesn't stop there. The viewer, consuming the director's vision, realizes that it may be very close to him. It awakens your gray cells. He tries to work out the psyche of the character, and above all his own. "Who am I? How would I do? Is there room for similar fantasies in my head? What drives me? ”.

Kubrick's film leaves a lot of questions unanswered, which makes it difficult to pass by indifferently.

Alice (Nicole Kidman) runs a gallery and socializes, William Harford (Tom Cruise) is a famous doctor who treats the rich, which makes him quite wealthy. A married couple with nine years of experience are among the cream of the New York City escort. They are wealthy, they have a daughter and, apparently, they are a happy, fulfilled family. Meanwhile, routine and peace enter the scene, which, as you know, are not conducive to feeling.

Not only the amazing atmosphere speaks for this film, although it is a very strong asset of this work. As someone already mentioned, which I really liked, the problem affects our imagination and where it can fail us. Kubrick poses very important questions about betrayal, its limits, where it begins and where it really ends; for jealousy that can passively lead us to completely imaginary conclusions, overwhelm and manipulate us.

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