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Cindy Campbell is a supernatural journalist. She decides to investigate the mystery of the mysterious tape that brings death to everyone who watches it.

Ambitious journalist Cindy Campbell deals with tracking paranormal phenomena. This time, her interest is aroused by the mysterious circles that appeared in the field of former pastor Tom Logan. Soon Cindy's best friend Brenda dies after watching a certain videotape. The reporter tries to prove whether the deadly video has any connection with the marks in the field. He discovers that the world is under threat from an alien invasion.

Another part of the horror parody, where this time the director was taken over by the Wayans brothers, David Zucker, and in the film we can see a parody of such films as: "Ring", "Signs", "8 Mile", "Others" or "The Matrix".

The third part of "Scary Movie" doesn't just parody horror movies. There are also references to "The Lord of the Rings," "8 Miles," and "The Signs."

Continuation of the films "Scary Movie"And"Scary Movie 2„.
This time, brave Cindy Campbell must investigate the matter of mysterious crop circles and a murderous videotape and ... help the president of the United States to repel a cosmic invasion.

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