As Linkiewicz started - she eats white powder

Today they made a big star out of her. It all started with a party on the bus.

Marta Linkiewicz's family recalls "a party on the bus". Sister and mother had to change their surnames. "Hard time

A party on the bus of the Rae Sremmurd group, during which teenage Marta Linkiewicz was to commit sexual excesses, made her recognizable. The celebrity made a good deal on it, and the consequences of the scandal were borne by her family. "There were different action curves," Sister Linkimaster recalls.

Linkimaster together with their 18-year-old sister Kasia, they appeared in Krzysztof Gonciarz's film "I spent a day with Marta Linkiewicz" made available on YouTube. They talked about the negative effects of the famous "coach party" five years ago. The family of a sex scandal ashamed of her behavior? The players closest to the person fighting today in the octagon had to change their name.

As Linkiewicz comments on the matter:

It started when I was in junior high. Bedoes did a piece and it was: "in black and white like Marta Linkiewicz". I was going to high school then, there were letters who got in and I didn't want them to look at me through the prism of Marta. Let it not be that they did not even recognize me, and are already prejudiced against me. My mother heard this piece too, she asked if maybe I wanted to change my name. Then me and my mom changed the last name to my mom. I believe it was a good decision.

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