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Free loan from 1,000 to 10,000 PLN. Twisto promotion - PLN 50 start bonus

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What is Twisto?

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A more advantageous alternative to banks, credit cards and loans.

Twisto is a free application with a renewable loan and a free payment card. You can pay with Twisto in stores and on the Internet right after opening an account with your card. If you need a quick cash injection and increase your financial liquidity, this is the offer for you.

Am I sure I will get a renewable limit on my Twisto account?

Yes! Twisto grants a renewable limit to everyone, taking into account the age, earnings and other criteria indicated at registration. You decide what limit you want to receive.

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You will simply get a limit from 1000 PLN to several thousand depending on the entered values.

The Twisto credit limit is not visible in BIK. Therefore, it does not burden our creditworthiness

Do I have to work to get a renewable limit and be registered?

No. When registering, you must specify your income, but you are not required to be employed.

Why is Twisto the best way to get quick money, better than a loan?

Twisto is not a bank, it does not need thorough analysis and verification of its users. The fees for extending the repayment for another month are very small compared to loans and credit cards (5x cheaper than the cheapest loan).

By writing "quick money" I do not mean a scam, a quick way to earn money in 5 minutes that the network is full of. The money in Twisto will eventually have to be repaid. Free for up to 45 days or by postponing for the next months at a much lower cost than in the case of a loan.

How is the registration process and when will I get the money?

Registration is very smooth, it only takes a few minutes. You need to fill in 3 times less data than in the case of a bank loan. At the end, you will need basic data and identity verification via a PLN 1 transfer. After registration, the zloty will be returned to our account.

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Several or several hours, depending on the time of registration, is needed for the message about activating the account and granting the limit.

How to get a PLN 50 bonus for creating an account?

You will receive the bonus automatically after creating an account. You must be an adult and a new Twisto customer.

A bonus of 100 points or less should appear in the green box during registration, depending on the current promotion (see image below).

twisto 100 punktow

As at March 14, 2021, the bonus is PLN 50. It is possible that it will be lower or higher later. Twisto has already reduced the bonus to PLN 50 several times, PLN 20 then increased the bonus to PLN 100.

You can either start registering or keep reading

To get the bonus, you need to register with this button, which leads to registration in via the affiliate link.

You will need to select a plan during registration

How is Plan Online different from Space?

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First, choose the Space plan, which is free for the first 3 months. You will be able to change to a free plan - Online at any time.

How to use the bonus awarded in points?

When you have made any purchases, click on the purchase in the Twisto application. Then click pay with points. Every single point is worth one zloty.

Physical and virtual card

The physical card can be ordered to the address provided. It will arrive within a few days.

However, if you want to use your account right away, no problem! You can use a virtual card - enter the Twisto application - the Card tab.

Transparent summary of expenses in the application

Keep everything under control.


All expenses are categorized. You won't miss anything, you can always search for a particular purchase - its date, amount and place.

Cashbacks in over 850 Twisto stores.

Enter the Twisto application and check if it supports your favorite stores.

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Breakdown of payments into Twisto installments

Every single transaction for a minimum amount of PLN 200 you can spread it into 3 to 12 monthly installments.

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The promotion of the division of payments into installments for free is ongoing. You can find the installment limit in the Limits tab. The first installment for PLN 0 will be added to your nearest bill, and the next two - in the following months.

Now you know everything. Time to register to get your free bonus

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write 🙂 Enjoy using the application.

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