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Disney + already has 95 million subscribers

Disney + takes no prisoners. The website already has 95 million subscribers

Disney remains confident about its capabilities and the future of streaming. Today's results also confirmed his confidence.

Mickey Mouse's streaming platform could be a success. When Disney announced it would start listing books in its own library, it might not be as impressive as it was at first. It cannot be denied that the battle for streaming is still going on and no player can let go. Just 10 months ago, platforms that provided Marvel's superheroes and Star Wars could attract 50 million people to pay for their content. Today that number has almost doubled.

The entertainment giant's strategy works great.

Despite the closure of theaters, the company chose not to include "Black Widows" on the site, which may be surprising, and so does Warner Bros. Although the current quarterly financial results are lower than in the corresponding period of last year, analysts expect a greater decline.

Disney is losing money at an amusement park, and with the current coronavirus situation, the theme park cannot generate revenues as usual. The company does not hide that it currently focuses all its resources on streaming services, which is not surprising.

Disney plans

In recent months, reports on the new Disney franchise will be published on the website. "Mandalorian" and "WandaVision" must be real successes, as the sequel to "Black Panther", "Wakanda Kingdom", has appeared on the production list of this episode alongside the previously announced plan. The production of "Obi-Wan Kenobi", "The Books of Boba Fett" and several other works is fast approaching.

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