Amazon enters Poland in March. A shock for Polish E-commerce is about to happen

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Amazon has a huge competitive advantage - access to cheap funds. Giants and monopolists in a given industry usually use quite brutal methods of fighting. Amazon can take a long time to lower its margins on products until a good number of competitors run out of funds, collapse, or abandon the battlefield.

How much market share does Amazon have?

The Chinese in Poland are ready. AliExpress announced in mid-January that it wants to speed up delivery times. The new purchase delivery services will be launched in April. The product will be delivered to the Polish recipient within 15 days. The platform also counts on the launch of machines for collecting parcels (such as parcel lockers). It is the Alibaba Group's logistics platform, which is the mother company of AliExpress.

Recruitment of Polish sellers to has started. Probably the Polish sales platform will be available in early March.

Allegro should definitely be worried, investors have already reacted, after the announcement of Amazon's decision, the company's share price fell by 7%. The company did not react to the actions of the competition. I wonder if Allegro will lower the commission on sales when an experienced and wealthy player such as Amazon appears on the market.

The epidemic showed that Polish e-commerce has great business opportunities, sales in many areas have doubled, many new sellers have entered the market, but this is not the end. - Thanks to additional order processing services, Amazon can also attract new sellers and encourage them to enter the area of e-commerce in a fairly simple way. The platform can build an electronics store where all processing and delivery processes are handled by Amazon and its warehouses. It can be difficult for Polish stores that do not have such a developed logistics and supply chains.

However, experts emphasized that it is difficult to convince customers with exceptional prices, because in Poland there are Allegro, AliExpress, and there are also thousands of online stores.

It is difficult to provide what your competitor does not have. Before Amazon came to power, Jeff Bezos once said that his business would always be customer driven. In e-commerce, this translates into delivery times and customer service. Above all, it is something that can convince Polish Amazon customers. The level of customer service in our country on the e-commerce market is already high.

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