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Fame MMA 10 when will it take place? Who will fight?

Fame MMA 10 - DATE, FIGHT, PLACE, PLAYERS. When is Fame MMA 10 taking place?

Fame MMA 10date, place, tickets and fighting

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Undoubtedly a gala Fame MMA 10 is an event that will attract attention. The jubilee edition arouses interest mainly due to the duel of the evening. The authorities announced that it is Don Kasjo vs Norman Parke. It will be held in the boxing formula. While waiting for the gala, it is worth remembering and paying attention also to the other clashes. It is already known that Dawid Malczyński will face Adrian Polański, and Mateusz Murański, that is Adek from Lombard, will cross MMA gloves with Arkadiusz Tańcula. When is Fame MMA 10? Date to check under the video.

Fame MMA 10 - DATE

Date Fame MMA 10 it should be carefully marked on the calendar by everyone. When is Fame MMA 10? The authorities announced that the jubilee edition of the event will take place shortly after the ninth edition. More precisely, the date of May 15, 2021 has been set. There are many indications that the gala will not be held in the company of the audience in the stands.

Fame MMA 10 - PLACE

Fame MMA Place 10 mainly of interest to fans who want to meet their favorite star in front of the building where the fights will take place. It is not known yet where Fame MMA 10 is. It will rather be a TV studio in which the rules of sanitary safety must be respected.

Fame MMA 10 - FIGHT

Fame MMA fights 10who is fighting? Combat card looks more and more interesting. It is already known that the fight of the evening is Don Kasjo - Norman Parke 2021. The competitors will face in the boxing formula. The heroes of the TV series Puls also joined the fighting card. Mateusz Murański, who will face Arkadiusz Tańcula in his debut. In the octagon, fans will also see the stars of the Top Model show. Here are the announced so far fights at Fame MMA 10:

  • Kasjusz 'Don Kasjo’ Życiński vs Norman Parke – walka wieczoru Fame MMA 10
  • Marcin Dubiel - Cezary Nykiel
  • Mateusz Murański vs Arkadiusz 'Aroy’ Tańcula
  • Kamila Wybrańczyk - Marta Linkiewicz - women's championship belt
  • Dawid Malczyński vs Adrian 'Polak’ Polański
  • Dawid 'Ambro’ Ambroziak vs Kamil 'Hassi’ Hassan
  • Amadeusz „Ferrari” Roślik – Mateusz 'Haribo’ Gąsiewski
  • Łukasz Lupa vs Gabriel 'Arab’ Al-Sulwi
  • Michał Gała vs Mikołaj Świetek
  • Piotr Pająk vs Alan Kwieciński

The fight between Don Kasjo and Norman Parke was overshadowed by the Murański family. Father and son have become very controversial.

Jacek Murański zeigt Ihnen die Unterkunft

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