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The role of short links in promoting a personal brand


In the current century of modern technology and active use of social media. Everyone tries to create their own image. The girl places a beautiful bouquet of "happy girl". Parents share photos of their children's achievements to create the brand of "best parents". In the same way, businessmen and women create personal brands in the business world.
Everything you do on social networks counts for your reputation: what you say, what you write, and even the links you share.

The importance of a personal brand

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You show other people about yourself and the way others perceive you. Thus, the personal branding is the home page for both recruiters, followers and customers. Everything you share affects your personal image. For example, characterizes a person as a photograph, while does the same but as a musician.

Short links in personal brand promotion

Short links are the bridge between visitors and original URLs such as their LinkedIn profile, resume, personal blog, or website. Short links hide long URLs which often contain random characters and tracking codes. On the contrary, short links contain real words and are more meaningful. Here we can build a relationship between short links and personal branding. Let's say we hire a new content manager and that there are two links to a candidate's portfolio and CV: and www.josh.portfolio. The second link is easier for our eyes to see and allows us to understand the content of the link: we know exactly what to expect after clicking. allows you to add a custom domain and customize the link path to create easy-to-remember short urls. also allows customers to track short link stats to see when and where users are coming from.

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It's a great tool for marketers, influencers and youtubers. Thousands of links shortener, analytics, profile building will help you build your brand.

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