Lil Masti rejected the offer to fight Marta Linkiewicz at FAME MMA. Someone's lying here

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Lil Masti rejected the offer of a rematch fight with Marta Linkiewicz for financial reasons.

The sex master was taken away from her championship belt. The reason was that she had not fought for a year. It was rumored that we would see a rematch in the octagon Marty Linkiewicz and LilMasti.

In Wardęga's film, we can see what Lil Masti has to say on this matter. She claims that she actually made a rather exorbitant offer, but the first offer was from Fame MMA, and this was very very low.

Interestingly, the Sexmaster states that there was no offer to fight before - all year round. In opposition to what Lil Masti says, Boxdel's words are:

Lil Masti rejected our financial proposal to defend the belt. We would have approached conversations many times, but her demands were so great that we could not find a common language

Ultimately, Linkiewicz will face the winner of the fight Zusje vs Kamila Wybrańczyk.

According to Marta Linkiewicz, Lil Masti considers herself a Polish Connor McGregor, therefore she demands a mountain of money for the fight.

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