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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin is better than gold

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin is better than gold, a miracle of technology

In December last year, Wozniak founded his second company after Apple, called Efforce, based on blockchain.

Wozniak called Bitcoin a "unique mathematical formula" and a "miracle of technology".

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is one of the few global voices to support Bitcoin (for this revision) and its future potential, even though he has yet to invest in it. Speaking at the Talent Land Digital 2021 tech event recently in Mexico, Wozniak called Bitcoin a "unique mathematical formula" and a "wonder of technology." According to the local news portal El Sol de Mexico, Wozniak stated that Bitcoin is better than gold. “Gold is limited and must be sought; Bitcoin is the most amazing mathematical miracle. I don't invest in bitcoin, but I believe in it for the future. "

Bitcoin is often considered digital gold

The supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million tokens. Moreover, they both don't have a central authority like a bank or government to issue them, and they also have very liquid markets that can be redeemed for fiat

In December last year, Wozniak launched his second company after Apple, called Efforce, a blockchain-based company in the field of energy efficiency. According to the company's statement, Efforce is a marketplace that enables companies to take energy efficiency measures at no cost, so they can invest their liquidity in more critical tasks. The company also launched its own cryptocurrency called WOZX to securitize energy savings.

In 2018, Wozniak told CNBC he hoped Bitcoin would become a common global currency. He said: "Bitcoin is mathematically defined, there is a certain amount of bitcoin, there is a way it is distributed ... and it is clean and there are no people, there is no company operating and it just ... grows and grows ... and survival, then I say something which is natural, and nature is more important than all our human conventions. "

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Apple is also likely among a growing tribe of large corporations experimenting with cryptocurrency. The manufacturer of the iPhone in a post titled "Business Development Manager - Alternative Payments" in May this year made it clear that he was interested in researching the hype of cryptocurrencies. A company's payments division called Apple Wallets, Payments and Commerce (WPC) was looking for a Business Development Manager to lead Alternative Payments Partnerships.

In June of this year, one of Mexico's richest entrepreneurs, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who owned one of the country's largest banks, Banco Azteca, tweeted that he was working to make it the first bank in Mexico to accept Bitcoin. A big follower of Bitcoin, Pliego also tweeted that "#Bitcoin is the new gold, but much more portable, transporting #Bitcoin is much easier than having gold bars in your pocket ... and I know I will be attacked by gold lovers."

Check out this incredible story:

The British, who accidentally threw a computer with 7,500 bitcoins on his hard drive, came up with a new plan to recover lost coins from the city's garbage dump. "We estimate there is between 300,000 and 400,000 tons of waste to be reviewed," he said.

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