JACEK MURAŃSKI translates and conducts FAME MMA 10

Jacek Murański is a Polish actor who has become unexpectedly loud when it comes to the world of martial arts. Who is Jacek Murański? Who is Jacek Murański? Jacek Murański age - how old is he? Jacek Murański wife, son - what are their names? Jacek Murański MMA fight - will he fight a duel in this formula? Jacek Murański krav Maga - is he an instructor? Jacek Murański FAME MMA - with whom from this federation is he in conflict?


Jacek Murański who is this?

These questions were certainly asked by martial arts fans who realized one day how loud a man is in the context of subsequent fights or galas. Jacek Murański is a Polish actor who plays in such series as First Love or Lombard. Life under collateral. He has also played in films, including Asymetria.

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