#Kononowicz: about the LGBT march http: // http: / / https: // http : // baby / There is no doubt that the president should refuse to consent to this type of marches and assemblies due to the inability to ensure their safety, unrest and social unrest, their deliberate provocative character for a political brawl organized by communists from the party Together, which is a totalitarian criminal ideology in Poland, as well as fascism, except that communism killed more people

LGBT is a naturally dying electorate: (In nature, it is an anomaly, not a norm. Add abortions and euthanasia and you can see who has a future and who is going to extinction. Channel TVK TVKononowicz :) subscribe because videos will be transferred there, e.g. from the channel these are not channels and videos for haters and losers from under the goal :) See below entries of haters and losers from the goal?! :) We we help, and not anti-latexes? Do you prefer to be a loser, hatter, loser or help? Come, help, talk, record a movie about what he wants, help with shopping Show what you can do, we are waiting :) Gate to Szkolna 17 open to honest people who help, but not for others, who steal our films, record from hiding , they promote themselves on hate or lynching. As for Kononowicz: you want to lynch him, kill him, laugh at him, kick him, burn his house, spit on him, throw shit / send it in a package, put it in a straitjacket, in a madman, give him a lethal injection, like some haters, to feel "better" from him instead of helping? The way of behaving towards people like him shows the true face of man

If you don't help him, don't hate, because you have complexes, you want to feel better? Do not rob, there is no pension, hence he charges PLN 100 for each photo, please do not rob him, pay such an amount to help him to the account Fundacja Instytut Białowieski account 22160014621837082120000001

This is not a channel and movies for haters and losers :) Krzysztof Kononowicz, ul. Szkolna 17, Białystok: people say about him: "sick, dirty, smelly, false, hypocritical, aggressive, filled with hatred towards the environment, children, threatening to beat, kill or burn other people, for years it has been an example that the theoretical state does not work, instead of helping him heal delusions that worsen with age, he uses a strategy of spychlogy. Can a man who abuses his brother, roommates and dogs feel unpunished due to insanity, drive a car despite accidents, make false reports and accuse others of his ill delusions? " The channel is not intended to lynch or ridicule, but to document the phenomenon and warn the environment as well as a social appeal for help for a sick person, whose behavior can be harmful and dangerous to the environment. Do you have comments, cooperation proposals, films for publication?

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