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James Calyton is a promising agent for whom everyone sees a bright career. Clayton is interested in, among others Walter Burke, veteran and agency legend who helps James undergo hard training and paves the way for promotion. One day, Clayton is given a special assignment. He is to locate the foreign agent that has infiltrated the 'company'.

James Clayton (Colin Farrell) he may not have the characteristics of a typical recruit, but he is one of the smartest college graduates in the entire United States - which is why Walter Burke (Al Pacino) wants to recruit him to work for the Agency. James sees the CIA mission as an intriguing alternative to his ordinary life. Before becoming an agent, however, he has to undergo hard training where recruits are transformed into seasoned professionals.

Burke introduces him to the arcana of the profession and teaches the rules of the game, so James quickly goes through the next levels of training. By the way, he falls in love with Layla (Bridget Moynahan), just like he is a candidate for an agent. James is only concerned about his relationship with his mentor, which is more like playing cat and mouse. However, just when James begins to think about his role in the game, he gets a dangerous assignment. Burke orders him to discover a "mole" operating in the Agency. James quickly learns the hard way that the old CIA maxims of "trust no one" and "nothing is as it seems" are still relevant today.

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