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Do you need cash? Create an account on Twisto.pl and get up to several thousand zlotys in a revolving loan

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Registration takes a few minutes and the simplified verification procedure only takes up to one business day.

Twisto is much more convenient than a bank loan or a quick loan.

You will get a revolving loan even if you are in debt and you are not working!

What is Twisto?

Twisto is a free application with a renewable loan and a free payment card. It is a parabank institution called fintech. You can pay with Twisto in stores and on the Internet right after opening an account with your card. If you need a quick cash injection and increase your financial liquidity, this is the offer for you.

karta twistol
Twisto account limit and free card

You define the limit on your account you want to receive. It will probably be from 1,000 to several thousand zlotys, depending on the entered criteria.

What exactly will you get after registering with Twisto:

  • Free revolving loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 10,000
  • Free physical and virtual card
  • Installment limit from 1000 PLN to several thousand PLN
  • Spreading payments into installments
  • Cashbacks in dozens of famous stores
  • Application - track expenses
  • Multi-currency transactions and currency conversions
Check the link below on the registration process with details:

If at the beginning of the next month you don't have the entire amount to pay off - you can postpone payments by subsequent months paying the minimum amount per month depending on the expenses.

przeloz o miesiac twisto

Sign up today and get an extra bonus. On the day of writing the article, it is PLN 50. The amount of the bonus depends on the current promotion (for several years it has been from 20 to 100 PLN).

Check it out! https://www.twisto.pl/poznaj/przesun-platnosc/

You can pay with a virtual or physical card in all online stores. When you select Space, you can also pay at all physical stores. (Plan Space is a paid plan - PLN 10 / month, but it is free for 3 months for new users) The Twisto card is a normal MasterCard accepted in all stores.

Twisto karta
Twisto physical card. You can choose a black and a yellow card with your chosen nickname engraved.

By default, money from your Twisto account cannot be withdrawn, but there is a way to do it. If you need this option, write a private message.

If you need an injection of cash, payment in installments or just a convenient application and tracking of expenses, sign up for Twisto quickly and for free, collecting a cash bonus.