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Tiger Cobra Owl together on Christmas Eve - hot

The Internet is a bottomless abyss. An endless source of knowledge and news from around the world. It is also a haven and a breeding ground for all peculiarities that would never have had a chance before or anywhere else. Poland has its pearls and personalities that cannot be ignored.

Tiger with his wife Kobra, Bonus BGC, Bodychrist or Sowa. It is between them that there is an unequal fight for the title of the king of the Polish Internet. Mutual insults and slander have been feeding the bloodthirsty audience for years.

WuWunio decided that this year they would also feel the magic of Christmas and invited the leading Polish internet celebrities to a joint Christmas Eve. After all, it is an evening of reconciliation and love in which even animals speak with a human voice. Will it be possible to reconcile the ancient enemies? Will there be another brawl?

There is always room for an unexpected guest at the solemnly set table. This year, this vacancy is reserved for you. We invite you to the newest episode of Pal Hajs TV!

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