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After more than two hundred years, Ripley comes back to life thanks to an advanced cloning technique in which her DNA has been mixed with alien genetic material.

type Horror / Sci-Fi

production USA

Scientists decide to clone Ellen Ripley, who died 200 years earlier. The alien begins its charge.

They extract the Alien Queen's embryo from her body and isolate it. They want to breed an alien species and make it the perfect weapon. Ripley is especially important to them - it combines the features of both breeds.

The ship, USM Auriga, on which these experiments are carried out, is docked with Betty's ship with a crew of smugglers. Merchants sell people to military personnel, who then become incubators for aliens (to be used to breed aliens). The plan, however, fails. Bloodthirsty creatures escape their cages, killing almost the entire crew.

Only a small group survives, led by Ripley. During the fight with the aliens, it turns out that one of the survivors - Annalee Call − jest androidem. Ripley 8 zostaje porwana przez Królową Ksenomorfów, będącą de facto jej dzieckiem. Królowa rodzi krzyżówkę Ksenomorfa i człowieka. Baby he kills the Queen because he considers Ripley to be his mother 8.

However, the young alien goes on a hunt, trying to kill the rest of the ship's inhabitants. He is eventually killed by Ripley herself, who uses her acid-turned blood to burn a hole in the ship's shaft and launch the alien into space. He joins the survivors and returns to Earth for the first time in several hundred years.

Film otrzymał mieszane recenzje od krytyków, którzy chwalili efekty specjalne, reżyserię i grę aktorską, ale krytykowali scenariusz i tempo filmu. Film był również sukcesem komercyjnym, zarabiając ponad 161 milionów dolarów na całym świecie.

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