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Elon Musk couldn't find a job in 1995, now he has responded to that

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In a recent reply to a Twitter user, Elon Musk explained the facts of how he chose to start his own business instead of finding a job in 1995.

The most important facts

  • In 1995, Musk applied for a job with the Internet company Netscape.
  • Musk explained in a tweet that businesses and such jobs were rare at the time.
  • Musk has finally invented his own startup, Zip2, this year.

Another memory from Elon Musk's past took over Twitter as a user shared a period when the Tesla CEO was unable to find a job for himself. Musk quickly pointed out that it did not happen.

In a recent tweet, Twitter user Pranay Pathole shared an incident in Musk's life in 1995. work at Netscape by submitting your resume. Pranay pointed out that the current SpaceX director did not get the job.

He wrote that Musk couldn't get a job because he was too shy to talk to anyone at the company. Musk decided to start his first start-up with his brother and another partner the same year as an alternative. The company became known as Zip2.

“In 1995 @elonmusk wanted to work with an internet company, applied for a job with Netscape, sent his CV, tried to hang out in their lobby, but was too shy to talk to anyone. So he started his own internet company (Zip2) because he couldn't find a job anywhere. "

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(Photo: Twitter / Pranay Pathole)

Musk checks the facts

This, however, is not true. Pranay's version of the story required a fact-checking, and Musk quickly provided it.

Musk explained that he could actually get a job at that time. The only challenge was finding a job with an Internet company. This is because in 1995 there weren't many internet businesses.

Either way, it turned out to be an astonishingly good decision for Musk. He eventually started working on the Zip2, which he sold in 1999 and snatched up over $ 20 million. Money became the basis for PayPal and ultimately SpaceX and Tesla.

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(Photo: Twitter / Elon Musk)

So Elon Musk as we know it today was created because he couldn't find a job with an Internet company.

In another such exchange on Twitter, Musk shared that once worked for a video game company at Palo Alto in the early 1990s. He wrote that he had to "clearly reverse the processor registers" because computers were too slow at the time.

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