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Electronics may stop working soon

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A swirling plasma hurricane in space

Hurricanes in our atmosphere are a very destructive phenomenon. The rapid movement of air circulation on a large scale carries not only architectural elements or equipment in the film.

Cosmic hurricanes have been observed in the upper atmosphere, in the ionosphere and in the magnetosphere. Hurricanes in the lower atmosphere are characterized by periodic motion - not air, but plasma.

An ordinary hurricane causes rain, such a large number of electrons fall to the surface of the earth from a plasma hurricane. May interfere with the operation of electromagnetic equipment, including artificial satellites.

Is it a common phenomenon in space?

This phenomenon has been reproduced on the basis of observations from various research satellites, including the National Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), which includes the F16 SSUSI satellite, which studies the ultraviolet area over the northern hemisphere.

The data from the satellite is used in a simulation program specially designed for this purpose. The researchers indicated in the text that they would pass the code on to interested people. The space hurricane lasted about eight hours, during which time its intensity gradually decreased. This is confirmed by recordings from multiple satellites that record interruptions in operation and communication.

The loss of electricity on our planet is unlikely, but if it did, it would have irreversible consequences for all mankind.

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